Columbia Chronicle’s Keil wins ‘shootout’


Shootout winner. Streetwise salesman Ron Collins (right) shakes hands with a man he introduced as his manager. Selling Streetwise allowed Collins to move off the streets with the money he made./Andy Keil

Andy Keil of the Columbia Chronicle took first place in the ‘Great Chicago Shootout’ held Feb. 19 as part of the annual ICPA conference. Student photographers were told to find images that portray contrast Friday afternoon in Chicago.

Photographer Chuck Berman of the Chicago Tribune and free-lance photographer Steve Kagan judged the contest entries during a critique session Saturday morning.

Ned Mulka of the Daily Illini took second in the shootout, followed by Columbia’s Brent Lewis. The Daily Vidette’s Rachel Bujalski and the NCC Chronicle’s Andrew Macnider each earned honorable mention honors among the 15 student journalists.

2nd place. Luis Arteaga, a valet for Reliable Velet Parking, waits for customers outside Mike Ditka's Steakhouse on Chestnut Street in Chicago. "It's a pretty nice job," said Arteaga, who receives a discount on food at the restaurant when he works./Ned Mulka

3rd place. L.T. is a Chicago street musician who has traveled all over the United States making money on the streets of big cities. He has been to Los Angeles, New York and Detroit. "Chicagoans are the worst," he said. They don't tip, but even worse, they don't notice you exist. They don't have to give. Just take what I'm giving."/Brent Lewis

Honorable mention. Elana Poltorff, 30, from Atlanta gets her makeup done at Mac in Water Tower Place by Chad Michael Trojanek, who has been a makeup artist for eight years./Rachel Bujalski

Honorable mention. Kaylee James, 7, of Lincoln Square, latches onto the 25-foot sculpture "God Bless America" by J. Seward Johnson. The Sculpture Foundation will rotate the "American Gothic" tribute piece in October of this year./Andrew Macnider


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One Response to “Columbia Chronicle’s Keil wins ‘shootout’”

  1. chad Michael Trojanek Says:

    Just wanted to say congrats and great shots! I am no longer at Water Tower but I do have a web site and still love working with M.A.C. products. See you soon!

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