Have a problem on campus?

Is your school planning to cut your budget or evict you from campus offices? Did someone steal your newspapers? If you are an adviser, is the university trying to fire you over content? Students, is the administration or adviser requiring you to submit all content for review before publication?

If so, you have several options. One is to contact the ICPA board – John Ryan [jmryan@eiu.edu], Lola Burnham [laburnham@eiu.edu], Rich Moreno [R-Moreno@wiu.edu],  or Joe Gisondi [jgisondi@gmail.com].

In addition, you may want to contact the Student Press Law Center, whose advice is invaluable and whose services are free to all college student media.  Of course, they won’t mind if you send in a donation, something they rely on to pay the bills. We at ICPA donated $1,500 this past year, a small amount considering all the work they do each year.

So, don’t despair. We are all here to help.


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